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Visual Storytelling

Telling your story on-screen is often a difficult, scary process (I can tell you, I’ve been there, done that, got the director’s cap).

I have experience in various genres of telling a visual story, whether that’s a talking-head explainer, docu-style commercial, documentary, short film or just social media content to show off a product or more!

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Need marketing copy? A script? Articles written for your magazine or eZine?

I’ve published several articles in a variety of magazines, including Occult Detective Quarterly, Medium and IGN; and have also had several of my shorter-form books available to buy online for the last year.

I love getting lost in a great story with engaging characters as much as I do getting hooked into a super informative, well-written piece too!


Apart from Video Editing as part of Video Production, I also offer Editing Services for your own writing too.

Whether this is for helping to make your current text flow better or for more in-depth changes, let me know how I can help.

I’ve had experience editing articles and full-length novels, working with authors and scriptwriters to help get their work to a more publishable and industry-ready state.


However, if you don’t require a full-on edit, I do offer quicker Proofreading Services.

I will focus on finding areas of your text that don’t fully work and will give you suggestions on how to make it better.

I’ve seen so many manuscripts sent out into the big-bad world of publishing and film with typos, plot-holes and inconsistencies which will blow your first impressions.