About Me

A Writer, Creative Director, Editor and Educator with over fifteen years of passionate experience.

It all began when I caught two bugs as a child.

The first, my father reading me The Hobbit as a nightly routine.

The second, reading so many roleplaying books and writing my own little stories to run through on Friday night’s with my brothers, Khyle & Michael.

That’s where it began, but where has it taken me?



I completed my BA in English and Drama at Cardiff Metropolitan University, during which I founded the Drama Society, helped to write and direct several theatre productions, acted in a few open air Shakespeare productions, and also caught the bug for working with actors, creating scripts and writing my own short stories – working briefly with Literary Wales.

After that, I completed an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University.  I would have never had the confidence to challenge myself with this degree if it wasn’t for my amazing partner believing in me and giving me the confidence that my stories were good… and that I had potential.

Fast forward and now I’ve written several books, produced scripts, taught others how to edit, proofread and write their own, as well as had several publications in magazines and articles.

Adding on to my education, since 2009, ever since I saw the very first Philip Bloom tutorials and video production workshops, I’ve taught myself how to produce and edit my own content, as well as work with other creative individuals to create their own. However, Film and the craft of story is where my passion truly lies.

This is why I began my own YouTube channel to help others in their creative pursuits, as well as getting to practice and experiment with the technology and techniques that cinematographers and lighting technicians use to help tell an engaging story.

For the last few years, I’ve been teaching others how to operate cameras, other video production equipment, photography and editing software.

A Bit of Colour

Apart from my work experience and education, I am a super film-nerd! Seriously, watching documentaries about the creation of films is one of my past times and I can probably quote, word-for-word (kind-of) a lot of lines in movies.  In fact, sometimes I annoy my friends (and partner) when I say the next line about to come up in the scene.  I call it a talent.

I also constantly educate myself with special effects programs such as After Effects and Cinema4D so that I can do my own animations and SpecialFX in my short films and video content.

Oh, before I forget, since those Friday nights of playing games with my brothers, I’ve continued to be a GM (GameMaster/Storyteller) in many different roleplaying groups.  These have ranged from Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons to, the most current, Mage set in The World of Darkness Roleplaying Universe.

I also dabble in a bit of digital art, graphic design (movie posters!) and cooking super delicious food.