"Storytelling is the noblest of arts."

Welcome to the site dedicated to teach about writing, storytelling, film and tech.

I love to help people become better at telling the stories they've always wanted to tell.

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"Without sounding like an absolute nut-case, it all started by writing When I was A kid."

Areas of Expertise

From short stories to full-length novels, I’ve had experience in a variety of genres and media forms and I’m also a qualified Creative Writing teacher.

During my studies, I’ve had extensive experience working on many roles in Theatre and Film, primarily as a Creative Director, Editor and Writer.

I have helped other writers proofread and edit their manuscripts, helping them to zone in on ways to make their stories better.

I also offer video editing services too, from cutting to colouring.

I also love technology, specifically related to Film (I’m also a super film-nerd too!)

Giving advice about and training people in these kinds of technology is another area I love.

Enjoy a good tale?

I am planning on releasing more of my writing content in the store and blog.

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I can help you tell yours.

Let me help you in telling your story to the world, whether that’s through social media content, a documentary, commercial or more.

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"I enjoy nothing more Than giving advice and helping others learn how to better share their vision."

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